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Murder in The First

Jacob + Malika

Pyramid Magazine

Broken Irony

ID Channel



TNT’s Murder in the First
ID Channel, Wives with Knives, Ep 502
Sex Lies and Video Tape - Student Film, John
Jump - Film Fest-Lead Character, Mark the CEO
Pyramid Magazine - Film Fest-Lead Character
Clear Lake - Film Fest- Drunk Father
Broken Irony - Feature Film, Bank Employee
Fight 4 Your Life - Film Fest- Lead Character, Henry Page


hence singleton

Hence Singleton started off his entertainment career in the oddest fashion.  First he was a male exotic dancer, runway/ playgirl model and now a comedian.  He found he had to leave Milwaukee and blaze his own trail.  He came out West to California where the comedy scene is tougher and you learn more with smart crowds.

His professionalism and reputation for being both a club and crowd favorite has landed him more headlining gigs as a comedian headliner.  Seen on ComedyTime Networks from the Ice House in Pasadena and The Stand in NYC.  https://youtu.be/1yMTatNzSp8


Without comedy hencethere is no laugher.  We will bring you the laughter!

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